Monday, October 25, 2010

Heavenly Father uses bubble wrap

This post started out on Facebook, but was simply too long. I had what I would call my most precarious drive home, ever, this afternoon and I seriously think the Heavens have put a protective bubble around the baby and I today.

20 minutes from home: I hear squealing tires and see a car in the lane next to me swerving toward me. It comes literally within a couple of inches of side-swipping me, corrects, over-corrects, and comes even closer, over-corrects again and smashes into the curb opposite from where I am and hits 3 other cars. I miss the entire fray by inches.

15 minutes from home: A pickup truck behind me speeds up, and changes lanes a second before rear-ending me and starts jockeying with another bonehead, obviously locked in a road rage standoff, both of them jumping in and out of my lane, nearly clipping me over and over. Again, I continue without incident, but just barely.

10 minutes from home: I'm stopped in first position at a stop light. I hear a siren and look everywhere to find where it's coming from. Looking left, right, forward, backward--nothing. Light turns green so I cautiously proceed through the intersection with my blinker on to merge to the right and suddenly the cop jumps out of oncoming traffic directly in my lane. Luckily I was able to merge to the right and get out of the way, but my heart was already pacing from the first 2 episodes and this didn't help.

5 minutes from home: I'm stopped at the drive-through window waiting for some tater-tots. (Not because I like them, I just needed change for a $50- obviously.) Suddenly a 15 foot ladder propped up on the awning ahead of me blows down and comes within about 6 inches from crashing directly on the hood of my car.

Have you ever seen that movie, Final Destination? I seriously was wondering if I would make it the last 2 miles home without choking to death on a tater tot. I found myself chanting my thanks for some seriously divine protection the rest of the way home.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's my birthday

It's been a while since I've blogged. It's not that there haven't been events worth the time and effort. On the contrary, it's been a marvelous year full of daily adventures. Unfortunately there isn't always time to organize my thoughts about them. But today, I'm taking time for me...because's my birthday.

The day began with our son dancing on my bladder to the tune of "Happy birthday to you." At least that's what it felt like. Don't worry son. Soon it will be your big day and we can't wait to celebrate you.

Joshua had to work tonight, so we went out to dinner last night with some good friends. Sadly, there are no pictures to mark the gathering, but rest assured we thoroughly enjoyed Jeremy, Sherrie, Stephanie and Sydney's company and some yummy grub at Texas Roadhouse.

This morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast while we watched the LDS General Conference and played with my birthday gift-- a new Ipod touch.

I've had an Ipod shuffle for about 5 years and it's still kickin' but Joshua wanted to spoil me a little with a new gadget. I told him it will be perfect for when I'm out on maternity leave. I can shut off the work blackberry completely but still have access to the internet and other handy apps when away from the house--as I'm sure I will be quite often after just having the baby. Haha. I do love it though.

Then Joshua threw on an apron (figuratively) and made me a Reeses-Oreo birthday pie. He made it for me when we were dating and with one bite today, I literally fell in love with him all over again. Wow it's good. Don't you wish you were here to share it?

Thanks for a great day babe. Love you.