Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hello everyone. My name is Talan Joshua Shepherd. I was born on November 26th, at 12:59 pm. I am 8 lbs 1 oz and 19 &3/4 inches tall.

This was Mommy on Monday, still with two and a half weeks to go. But little did she know I had other plans.

So this getting born stuff was hard. Daddy talked me into coming 2 weeks early so we could go ahead and get started on play time. I picked a cold time of year to be born, so right now jammies and hats are my general wardrobe selections.

Mommy is a little camera happy right now. If I'm awake for more than 5 minutes, she's generally got the ipod n my face snapping pictures. Not the most professional photos, but then she can look at them over and over.

I get lots of play time with Daddy in between sleeping, eating, and getting changed. He's super excited for me to be here and hasn't stopped smiling since Thanksgiving night, when I started to break loose!

The hospital part wasn't my favorite, but everyone was really nice and took good care of me and mommy. Check out my cool hairdo. It's a lot like mommy's hair.

But maybe I'll have Daddy"s blue eyes. They're still pretty dark, but seem blueish-gray. I'm very alert and even though everything just looks like blurry shapes right now, I'm still busy checking everything out whenever I'm awake

I was pretty tired after the big debut.

I know Grandma Michele was excited for me to come.

And Grammy and Papa drove hours and hours in bad weather to come meet me.

Mommy and Daddy are pretty awe struck with me and amazed at how cool I am. (Don't tell anyone, but I think they're still a little nervous to be official parents.) But overall, I think they're pretty excited to have me in the family.

I mean...look how cute I am. How could they not be excited?