Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heather's run-in with the law

Technically it was a run-into the in...with my car. Yesterday, I decided to make a quick Costco run before painting the bathroom. Anything to put off painting, which I hate. I embarked on my short (so I thought) journey and missed the turn I would usually take to avoid major road construction in West Valley City. Instead, I turned off the highway, right into the DOT mess.

Now I ask you, when a 6 lane road has been reduced to 3 and the "lanes" are lined with construction cones, and you pass a sign that says, "Caution, severe drop off" and there are people with hard hats walking all around and trucks entering and exiting the construction sight and you NEVER drive on this road, isn't it possible that you, too, might have missed a tiny thing called a red-light?

Well, I did and continued proceeding through the intersection at the same time a West Valley City police officer was entering the intersection on his opposite green light. I mostly bumped his tire/hubcap but did leave a small dent in the lower passenger door frame and door. My front fender is a little scratched but no one was hurt, unless you count both of our egos.
Of course, not one additional office came to file the report...but 4 or 5 additional police cars quickly arrived at the scene. You would have thought the radio call-in was "OFFICER DOWN!" There I sat, in the middle of WVC (aka...the 'hood'), surrounded by police. Passers-by probably thought it was a meth bust going down. It was humiliating!
I'm sure his ego took some bruising too, as I heard the jeers coming from his fellow black-and-whites. "Hit in the line of duty, huh?" "Way to fall on that bullet, Dennis!" Poor guy.
So I called Joshua, and he laughed, sympathetically of course. My insurance agent laughed. The other police officers laughed. Since it was yesterday, I'm laughing a little bit more. Lesson learned, next time just stay home and paint the bathroom.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary Stay-cation

It's was our 2nd anniversary earlier this week. It's gone by fast. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. We really do have a lot of fun together and have accomplished a lot together and learned a lot about each other. Thanks for 2 great years babe, I can't wait for the rest.

What did we do to celebrate, you ask? We did more work on the house and the yard. Not exotic, I realize, but it was beautiful weather and we got so much done.

Monday of course was Joshua's birthday. We worked in the garden and flower beds and pulled quite a pile of weeds. I gave Joshua a good laugh for his birthday when I fell head first into the big green-waste garbage can. I can't really describe how I managed this, but needless to say, gravity was not my friend. It hurt, but I'm sure was hysterical to see.

Tuesday and Wednesday we worked on getting the swamp-cooler up and running after deciding we did not want to go into debt to have air conditioning installed. Joshua, bless his heart, is an amazingly patient and resourceful man. The swamp cooler was not an easy fix and it took many trips to Lowes and up and down the ladder to get it working, but working it is and our house is hopefully ready for the looming summer heat.

Though he didn't get much time to use it, he hung his anniversary gift/hammock in the yard. I'll lose the honey-do list next week so he can have some time with a good book in the shade. He totally earned it!

Yesterday, we took an us day. We slept late, played on facebook (totally addicted to Farm Town right now) and then went to the new Terminator movie--like it.) Went to dinner, ate on the patio (the weather couldn't have been more perfect this week) and then went for a drive up Butterfeild Canyon. It was finally a relaxing day in our stay-cation.
Today, I'm back in painting mode. My sister Holly came over to help me get started. It's about half way done, but I still have to do some plastering and sanding before I can do the rest. Elizabeth and James, I really do hope it's done before you get here. But if not, we'll share the upstairs bathroom.
This stay-cation has been more exhausting than any trip around the world I can possibly imagine. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. We do feel accomplished but look forward to taking a camping trip somewhere where there's nothing to do but relax.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Guy

Happy Birthday to my guy, my so-cute-you-could-cry guy

My easy-going, just-hangin-around guy

My never-a-frown guy

My loves-the-outdoors guy

My helps-with-the-chores guy

My honorable-knight guy, my always-choose-the-right guy

My as-smart-and-deep-as-the-ocean guy

My still-not-too-tough-for-emotion guy

My ready-for-a-good-tussle guy

My super-strong-muscle guy

Happy birthday to my guy, the love-of-my-life guy.