Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Videos

As promised...some videos of the big day.



Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best year so far

Our little man is a year old today. Amazing. As I look back and reflect on the year behind us, I'm in awe of the milestones these little ones reach and pass in such a short amount of time.

One Day Old

One Month Old

Two Months Old

Three Months Old

Four Months Old

Five Months Old

Six Months Old

Seven Months Old

Eight Months Old

Nine Months Old

Ten Months Old

Eleven Months Old

One Year Old

It's been the most fascinating thing to watch him grow and discover the world around him. Always our little chatterbox, he's full of things to say and has been since he was but a few weeks old. Perhaps one day he'll be a great orator, but for now his cute little voice jabbering away is simply music to our ears.

First word: Gobbum-- noun-- usually used in reference to good food, or food in general since he's never really been picky. Fine, so it's not an actual word, but one of his own vocabulary, but still...he uses it with specificity. Other words: Da-da; ma-ma; gog (dog and most other animals); hruh (truck)

Number of States Visited in 1 year: 4 (Nevada, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia) including 4 trips on an airplane. Pretty well traveled for a year old, thank you Delta Air Lines.

Number of teeth by 1st birthday: 3 and a half (the latest one is being fairly pokey about coming in.)

Disposition: Generally happy unless you're wiping his nose, which thanks to another cold is happening a lot this week.

He's strong-- every diaper change is a wrestling match. He's smart-- quickly figures out how his toys work. He's our little super-Talan. This has definitely been our best year so far and we're all the more excited for those yet ahead.

I'll try to post a couple videos of his birthday today. Together, they're a little long, so it will take some time to upload...and at this point it's late and I'm tired, so more to come.

Here's a teaser

Happy Birthday buddy. We love you!