Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I love my valentine. Not so much because it's Valentines day (even though this post is 5 days late) but's Thursday. Just another day I think, "Wow, how did I get so lucky as to find someone as amazing as Joshua?" Deep down I do think that Valentines day is just a conspiracy by those selling flowers, chocolates and lingerie. I feel sorry for men that there is so much pressure on one random day. Still, I told Joshua that the only thing I didn't want was a stuffed Teddy Bear. After that, he was on his own. Joshua bought me flowers and I made him a giant, heart-shaped, chocolate-chip cookie and got him a new hair trimmer kit. I know, I'm so romantic! We went to dinner and just had a great evening together.

Look what I found today...sigh... Two years later I still say it was the smartest thing he's ever done. (tee hee). Okay, my saying yes was the smartest thing I've ever done too.

House Update

Day 70 in the house. My how the time flies when you're having fun. Here are a few updates.

We finally bought a new bed. King size and softer than the ream of paper Joshua said our other bed felt like. It barely fits in the bedroom, but is well worth the sacrifice in space.

Um...babe...which side is mine?

We retired the card table and folding chairs and actually bought a table. We got a great deal at Furniture Warehouse so now we can actually have company over for dinner.

Pot luck anyone?

Today was one of the best discoveries so far...the fountain in the front actually works!