Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elizabeth tagged me with this get to know you quiz

1. What is your/his name? Heather Joy Nichols Shepherd and Joshua Brent Shepherd
2. Who eats more? Joshua overall (thankfully since my appetite is not small)
3. Who said I love you first? Joshua. Heather had a little trouble with the "L" word for a while.
4.Who is taller? Joshua is 6-1 and Heather is 5-10. Our poor kids have no chance at being petite.
5. Who is smarter? Joshua is always using those $12 words he gets from all the book learnin' and can remember EVERYTHING! Heather's no dummy, but enjoys the challenge of Joshua's mind.

6. Who is more sensitive? I probably am, though Joshua has a huge heart underneath the tough exterior.

7. Who does the laundry? Mostly me but Joshua will always help when I ask.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I generally sleep on the entire bed, but Joshua manages to push me to the right side at some point in the night.

9. Who pays the bills? Heather

10. Who cooks more? Heather does...loves exsperimentin' and Joshua generally doesn't mind.

11. What meals do you cook together? Any one I ask him to and when he's in charge of burritos, I help a little.

12. Who is more stubborn? Joshua says he is...whew!

13. Who is first to admit when they are wrong? Joshua says he is, in fact he says, "when have you ever admited you were wrong?" Hey now, I'm sure I have...once or twice...sometime
14. Who has more siblings? Heather 6--Joshua 3

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Let's put it this way, he wears the pants if they aren't in the laundry. See question #7.

16. What do you like to do together? Bike riding, reading, movies, camping, traveling.

17. Who eats more sweets? We're pretty equal here, unless it's chocolate chip cookies or ice cream and then he totally wins.

18. Guilty pleasures? Chocolate chip cookies, Ice cream, video games (Joshua), pedicures (Heather)

19. How did you meet? Shopping. You know like at Ikea (dot com), or Target (dot com)

20. Who asked who out first? He did, thinking he was all kinds of "da man". Who got him to agree to dinner with Heather and her roommates the very next night? That's right...uh huh!

21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me. Swept me right off my feet.

22. Who proposed? He did...once again, Heather was having a little trouble with the "M" word too.

23. What is your/his best feature? He says my eyes, smile and hair. I think his eyes, his overall physique, his smile.

24. What is your/his best quality? Tough to pick one. Heather's always in awe that found someone who has the high moral standards and positive attitude that he does. Someone who makes Heather want to be her best self for him. Joshua says Heather is very ambitious and driven.

Now I tag... Kristin Anderson, Lisa Pulsipher and Ivy.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Judo Chop

Joshua has begun the Judo Chop. I answer the phone when he calls..."Judo Chop." He answers the phone when I call..."Judo Chop". I walk into a room..."Judo Chop." Sadly, I'm not very good at this game of stealth hilarity and though I've been Judo Chopped into itty-bitty pieces, I love how he makes me laugh. Ah Ha! Judo Chop you!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

So, having just been called as the Lauel advisor in my ward a month or so ago (along with a brand new presidency) I just got back from girls camp. Because of the short amount of time they had to organize everything, we sucked it up and went condo camping. Hey...I'm not afraid to say we are blessed by modern conveniences. All good gifts come from the Lord, even condo camping.

Seriously though, what a joy these girls are. Their testimonies and friendships were so strong. I'm so blessed to have been in their company this weekend.

Monday, July 7, 2008

They grow up so fast

We had the pleasure of sending off our first missionaries this morning. Joshua's Mother and Father, Jeanne and Myron Shepherd, have been called to serve in the Nashville, TN mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They'll be working with the Church's welfare program and employment services in a region covering parts of TN, MS, AK, KY with headquarters in Atlanta, GA. They stayed with us this weekend before reporting to the MTC this morning. The goodbyes were tearful, but well worth it for the opportunity they have to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. How sweet the arrival home will be in 18 months.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Camping 2008

Motorcycle Rally

In June, Joshua and I went on a motorcycle rally to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. It started at the Delta Hanger and went about 150 miles around the Oquirrh Mountains. This was a poker run as well and at each of 4 stops we each got a card for our poker hand. The best hand at the finish won a two night stay at the Marriott Hotel in Toronto, Canada. Our hand...a strait--King high, won! this thing on?

Um...okay, so one of my dearest friends (cough...Nicole...cough) said she'd boycott my pictures unless I started blogging. I've always figured blogging was the passtime of stay-at-home mom's to keep them connected to the world, and college students exploring their more existential selves. Perhaps I aspire to be one or both of these one day, and perhaps I just don't want to be left behind. At any rate... it's not much yet, but Nicole...I hope you'll stop boycotting me now.